Sometimes I Like to Look My Age

24 is an odd age. Acting and dressing like a 24-year old is even odder to me. I guess this is how they dress.

(Sweater: Vintage, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Denim Shirt: American Apparel, Boots: Florsheim, Blazer: Vintage, Bag; Urban Outfitters)

...24 year olds also yell a lot. Or at least I do.


River Side

(Jacket: Levi's (and Jc's), Levi's Denim Shirt: Vintage, Riding Pants: American Apparel, Boots: Florsheim, Watch: Urban Outfitters, Bracelet: Bead Bracelets by Scott Osterbind, Ring: Topshop, Pouch: B is for BITCH (my new leather line...DIY!)

The past few days have been ridiculously warm for January (like 60+ degrees warm!). I had today off, so I took the opportunity to go out by the James River with Jc to take a few pictures. It's been awhile since I've done a style post, so I wanted to make it a good one. 

I picked up a few new things this past weekend that I can not leave off my body! I got this oversized vintage Levi's shirt and nearly new Florsheim boots from Luxor in Carytown. I also got this cat watch (which is silly as shit, but I LOVE IT) for only $5 from the 50% off sale sale at Urban Outfitters. The bag I made myself (hold the applause), and I plan on making a few more basic leather ones and selling them (or giving one away to one of my readers!) in the near future. I also have another bag project coming up with my good friend Whitney in the near future as well...so many good things to come!

I know this weather is a tease, and real winter is going to come out of nowhere, but until then, I'm milking the shit out of these 50 and 60 degree days.



(Leather Shirt and Shoes: Thrifted, Chiffon Button Down: American Apparel, Pants: Designed and made by my friend Shanice White)

I've mentioned before that I have a great view of the city from my apartment, and recently I discovered that it was safe (enough) for me to sit on my roof. I got a chance to snap a few photos while I sat out there, and I finally got a chance to wear my new creeper sneakers that I just bought last week. I'm a creeper addict, and am on the hunt for another amazing pair. I'm already planning out spring/summer outfits that involve my shoes.
I also never get the chance to wear this amazing leather shirt either. I've seen so many leather tees all over the runways as of recent, and I've gained so much inspiration as to how to wear it. It's been hanging on my clothing rack for half a year now, and I've maybe only worn it a total of 3 times. 

New Years Resolution: Not wear the same things over and over again, but give special attention to all of my clothes.

Luxury Fur

I went to the Salvation Army Coat Sale on January 7, and picked up this fur coat for only $8! I wore it the  other day around campus and a white kid said SWAG when he walked by. Really?


I'm a Beyonce fan. When I heard that her baby, Blue Ivy was born on the same day as my birthday, I instantly decided to throw a spectacular birthday party in honor of our bdays. I invited all my friends, required that they dress up, and the rest is history. It was a blast, and ended up a hot mess.