Heather Lawton AW13

Designer Heather Lawton at her NYFW A/W13 presentation

Canadian born New York based designer Heather Lawton shows us that you're never too old for fairy tales with her current A/W13 collection. Making her NYFW debut this season, Lawton drew inspiration for the collection from Snow White, creating  a magical world full of oversized wool coats, skinny leather trousers, lux furs, and imperial hooded capes and coats. With a concept so whimsical, and could easily turn costume, this collection is far from it. Gothic undertones, a dark color palette (with cobalt, white, and magenta sprinkled throughout), and futuristic and modern cuts makes, each piece of this collection wearable for those who appreciate the dark side of beauty and fashion.

Naturally, any collection that has fur, leather and tons of black, I'm instantly drawn to, but what makes Lawton's collection standout amongst others is her meticulous eye for detail, and the way that each piece has been worked and designed. The designer definitely knows her craft, has a clear and defined design aesthetic, and a voice within the fashion industry that seems to lacking in American fashion. I'm currently obsessed with her, and have been drooling over her previous collections (especially her A/W11 collection). I can't wait to see what other amazing things this designer has up her sleeve in the future.



 Be sure to check out Heather Lawton's official site for more information on the designer and past collections. 
Styling by Jules Woods