In Full Bloom

(Jeans and Bag: American Apparel, Shoes, Shirt, and Necklace: Vintage)

Got a few things today from Jc upon his return back from NOVA. One, was this metal necklace from his goth/scene days, and the other was this floral print button up. Usually I don't do florals, but this one is pretty legit. I like it a lot, and have been playing around with styling it with things existing in my wardrobe. A floral print shirt should be in everyone's closet this spring. The look is a little 90s, but most of my looks are pretty 90s anyway. I purchased this fun bag from work the other day. My Cambridge Satchel dreams have been crushed since I saw it in person the other day at Need Supply, when I realized that it really wasn't what I was looking for in a satchel/bag. So I set sight on this gem at work, and have been using it since I got it! It looks great with all black, and with an outfit in technicolor like this one :)


Jeans and Tank: American Apparel

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys! New posts coming really soon. In the meantime, enjoy some mom jeans.


On Monument Ave.

I feel like I talk about the weather so much, since it has so much to do with how we dress (and since Richmond has had the most inconsistent winter ever), it's greatly affected my clothing choices this season.  I'm really sick of this...I'm sick of winter. Today it was only 40 degrees, snowed while I was asleep this morning, and I nearly froze my ass off in my apartment because my space heater is on it's last leg.
But, I did get a chance to take some pictures. I took the below pictures on Monument Avenue, a really nice street in historic RVA. If you ever get the chance, you should take some photos there as well. There's a ton of statues from "Confederate Heroes" lined along Monument (Those "heroes" had slaves, so they're no heroes of mine).  Nonetheless, still some good shit to look at.

(Coat, Shirt and Boots: Thrifted, Disco Pants and Beanie: American Apparel, Scarf: GAP, Necklace: DIY)

P.S. Please disregard the bleach stain on my scarf. I don't know how this happened!


Fancy Feast

(Chiffon Button Up, Socks: American Apparel, Creepers, Shorts: Thrifted, Hat: Wal Mart, Pouch: DIY)

So I've been totally inspired by Givenchy Men's AW 2012, cats, neon, and activewear for the past month.  I used to be disgusted by neon, but seeing all of the cool spring and summer trends incorporated neon so well, has warmed my cold heart to a warm neon mush. And Tisci's fucking ah-may-zing AW collection for Givenchy has made it okay for me to wear baseball caps again. Of course none of my outfits are truly complete with a touch of wimsy...this time, it's that purrrrrfect cat shirt I previewed a few posts ago.  I'm so ready for spring.

I kind of look like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  I'm okay with that.

Little Boy Blue

(Sweater, Belt, Socks: American Apparel, Shorts: Ralph Lauren, Watch: Casio, Shoes: Thrifted)

I went to Wal Mart last night to get a few things that I needed. First off, I hate Wal Mart. But considering that I'm a baller on a budget, I don't have too many other options of cheap retail. While I was in line, I spotted this little Nutella to Go, and had to get it. I love Nutella. On the car ride back home, I thought to myself, there's already a jar of Nutella at home...why did I just buy this silly shit?! But then I came to the conclusion that I didn't really care, and put it to good use today as a mid-afternoon snack.

This sweater is my favorite color blue, and this sweater is also one of my favorite pieces from AA. Between me and my roommate, we own 5 of them (obsessed much?).  I used to wear these boots all the time 2 summers ago, but the soles wore out. I fixed them a bit, but they definitely could still use some more maintenance. 



Sorry for not updating lately, but I've been super busy! I will definitely have more posts coming within the next few days, and until then, take a look at the awesome cat print collard shirt I just got! I can't wait to use it in an outfit post. It's so ridiculous, but oh so good. Enjoy!