Vitamin DIY

(Shirt and Trousers: Thrifted)

I've been having a sore throat for the past few days now, and I'm trying my best to fix it before New Years tomorrow night. Lounging on the couch with some OJ and some snacks (because I can't eat anything else), and rediscovering my love of DIY. 
I made the above bag in only 2 hours. I used my American Apparel Large Carry All Pouch as a template for the pouch I made, and the rest was cake. Considering I sewed the entire bag by hand (sewed in the zipper as well), this project was really easy, and made me forget about this disgusting sore throat. I got the fabric from a thrift store for only a few bucks, and the zipper from Hobby Lobby for $3. I plan on making more of these bags because they're so fun and easy. Expect to see me with a different bag made from different fabrics and prints everyday.
I might even start selling some too! Now taking orders...


Summer 2010

(left to right: Jc, Alice, Me, and Brian)

I was reminded of this trip to NYC with my friends 2 summers ago when I came across it on my friend Brian's blog the other day.  This was a fun trip, and i feel like we all grew a little closer because of it. The first picture is of me and Brian outside of NPR's headquarters in D.C, and in the second photograph, the four of us are at the gigantic Toys R Us in Times Square.

I love my friends, and I wish we were all able to get together more because I miss them. We're all so busy now...it sucks. I'll try to make a new year's resolution to make more of an effort to bring my friends together more.




A few new and "new-to-me" things I picked up yesterday for myself. 
(clockwise from right: Sparkle and Fade Draped Chiffon Button Up, Kittens Calendar, Thrifted LS Button Up Cardigan, Wide Neck LS Shirt).

*I'll take photos of these actually on me in some later posts.

Topman SS 2012 Lookbook

 Looks like menswear is getting a breath of fresh air next season with a retro emphasis on patterns and prints. I love the suede pieces and short trouser shorts that Topman has created, and it's definitely pushing the envelope of men's fashion. I'll be sure to pick up a pair of these nearly non existent shorts, and that gargantuan suede bag this spring.

Hi Scottie! pt.2

 Scottie always looks so put together. He knows how to mix prints and patterns really well, and not make them look ridiculous (which a lot of people try to do, but fail terribly at). A true southern gentleman he is.

 I forgot to mention that Scottie is 6'' 4'' tall, and I'm nowhere near that. I had to get on a stool to get to his level for these next set of photos.

If you want to hop on the friendship bracelet bandwagon, be sure to visit Bead Bracelets by Scott Osterbind, and shoot him an email to find out how to own your very own handmade bead bracelet!

Hi Scottie! pt.1

My dear friend Scottie (the same Scottie who made the skull friendship bracelet for me) is in town for the holiday from Nashville. Last night I invited him over to have a few drinks and to catch up with Jc and me. Scottie is a great guy with amazing southern street style (which you'll see more of in part 2 of this post), and always has the best stories. Plus, he's knows SO MANY PEOPLE! I always have a good time when Scottie comes to RVA.

Jc picked up this shaker yesterday, and it's probably the best thing in the world. Circling the top of the shaker are different drinks that you can make, and by twisting the lower half, it tells you what and how much of each ingredient you need to make it. Last night, we had Sea Breezes...maybe tomorrow we can make something else!


Dress for Success

For those who don't know me, please know that I don't have a life. My life is work. I work a lot. I've been the assistant manager at American Apparel in Richmond for over a year now, and I love it. We have to dress in head to toe American Apparel as employees (which could be a dream for some), but being creative with outfits can be very difficult at times. I often complain about not being able to wear what I want, and having to look a specific way, but regardless, I still have fun with it.

I asked my best friend, photographer, and coworker to put together his 3 favorite work outfits (and I did the same), and a coordinating look between the two of us. About 99% of these items can be purchased at American Apparel. Enjoy!

Vintage Levi's Jacket, Rugby PoloWork Pant