Oregon Hill

(Jacket: gift from Jc, Tee, Socks, Coin Pouch, and Pants: American Apparel, Watch: CASIO, Sunglasses: Vintage, Shoes: H&M, Friendship Skull Bracelet: Made by my friend Scott Osterbind)

Went for a little walk today through Oregon Hill. I don't do this often because 1) I'm too lazy and 2) why would I? But Jc thought that it would a great place to snap a few photos since the weather is so nice today (as compared to that freak hurricane last night). I never really noticed  how nice Oregon Hill looked nearing the end of fall. All of the trees and leaves looked nice, and everything and everyone we came across seemed to be in a good mood. That's one thing I do love about Richmond: it truly is a genuine city. It has culture, character, charm and history. As much as I complain about hating it here, I do kind of love it.

This look was inspired by Givenchy (one of favorite designers). They do menswear so well, and everything they ever created I wanted on my body. The one collection that stood out to me the most and really shaped my style today was the Spring 2010 collection. That collection was perfect. From the drop crotch pants, leggings/tights under shorts, and those studded gladiator sandals (God, how could we forget those sandals!), I fell in love.

I appreciate classic menswear...you know the kind that focuses on elbow patches, pocket squares, lapels, cuffed trousers, ties, yadi yadi yada, but it's designers like Givenchy, Gareth Pugh, Rad, Raf, and Rick (that's Rad Hourani, Raf Simons, and Rick Owens for those who don't know), that make me feel like it's okay to not be the norm. That it's okay for men to take risks with fashion, and that you don't need to wear a suit and tie in order to be defined as well dressed and stylish.

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