Hi Scottie! pt.1

My dear friend Scottie (the same Scottie who made the skull friendship bracelet for me) is in town for the holiday from Nashville. Last night I invited him over to have a few drinks and to catch up with Jc and me. Scottie is a great guy with amazing southern street style (which you'll see more of in part 2 of this post), and always has the best stories. Plus, he's knows SO MANY PEOPLE! I always have a good time when Scottie comes to RVA.

Jc picked up this shaker yesterday, and it's probably the best thing in the world. Circling the top of the shaker are different drinks that you can make, and by twisting the lower half, it tells you what and how much of each ingredient you need to make it. Last night, we had Sea Breezes...maybe tomorrow we can make something else!

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♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

those shoes are fabulous! love your photos. nice photography, and nice blog. you have nice style. enjoyed browsing. :) new follower.... maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers and have a great wknd!