Vitamin DIY

(Shirt and Trousers: Thrifted)

I've been having a sore throat for the past few days now, and I'm trying my best to fix it before New Years tomorrow night. Lounging on the couch with some OJ and some snacks (because I can't eat anything else), and rediscovering my love of DIY. 
I made the above bag in only 2 hours. I used my American Apparel Large Carry All Pouch as a template for the pouch I made, and the rest was cake. Considering I sewed the entire bag by hand (sewed in the zipper as well), this project was really easy, and made me forget about this disgusting sore throat. I got the fabric from a thrift store for only a few bucks, and the zipper from Hobby Lobby for $3. I plan on making more of these bags because they're so fun and easy. Expect to see me with a different bag made from different fabrics and prints everyday.
I might even start selling some too! Now taking orders...


Jodianne said...

amazing bag!!!!
i want one!


Street Sophisticato said...

thank you! love your blog btw