On Monument Ave.

I feel like I talk about the weather so much, since it has so much to do with how we dress (and since Richmond has had the most inconsistent winter ever), it's greatly affected my clothing choices this season.  I'm really sick of this...I'm sick of winter. Today it was only 40 degrees, snowed while I was asleep this morning, and I nearly froze my ass off in my apartment because my space heater is on it's last leg.
But, I did get a chance to take some pictures. I took the below pictures on Monument Avenue, a really nice street in historic RVA. If you ever get the chance, you should take some photos there as well. There's a ton of statues from "Confederate Heroes" lined along Monument (Those "heroes" had slaves, so they're no heroes of mine).  Nonetheless, still some good shit to look at.

(Coat, Shirt and Boots: Thrifted, Disco Pants and Beanie: American Apparel, Scarf: GAP, Necklace: DIY)

P.S. Please disregard the bleach stain on my scarf. I don't know how this happened!

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A Girl Named Leney said...

Hey there! I found your blog via From the Runway to RVA and as a fellow RVA blogger, just wanted to let you know I've featured a link to your blog on my RVA Love page:) Feel free to check it out!

<3 Leney