Black Tuesday

("Cookie Monster" Cardigan: Vintage, Scarab Broach: RMG CollectionTiger Clamp Bracelet: Vintage, Tee: American Apparel, Pants: Custom made for me by my friend Shanice, Rad Hourni Inspired Boots: Thrifted)

If you know me, I wear a lot of black, but I've learned how to change it up and not make it boring (which could easily happen if you don't know what you're doing). For me, it's all about texture, proportion, drape, and all of that stuff. And accessories! The right accessories can make or break an all black outfit.

This overpass is just a few feet away from my house, and my best friend thought it would be a perfect location to showcase this first of many all black looks on this gloomy Tuesday. I've gotten used to looking crazy in public with some of my more "elaborate" outfits, and having people look at me in disgust, awe, curiosity, and everything in between; today was no exception.

P.S. please excuse the do do face. I had to pee.

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