I'm back!

(Shirt: DIY, Necklace: XXI, Sandals: H&M, Clutch: Target, Shorts and American Apparel, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters...and you already know where the bracelets are from!)

It's been quite awhile since my last outfit post, and I wish I could say that the reason why I haven't posted is because I've been so busy...I can't even do that. I've just been really lazy, uninspired, and hating all my clothes lately. It's been so hot in Richmond, that I get stuck wearing the same tank and shorts everyday, so I haven't had the energy to get creative with my outfits. I also came to the conclusion that I have no summer clothes! I own everything in the world, I'm saying the craziest shit, but no t-shirts, basic shorts, or just casual wear. I managed to put this outfit together, despite the heat. It's simple, not too many layers, but still very me, which is the most important. No matter the temperature, I will always remain true to my aesthetic...even if it is a little crazy.

Screw casual clothes!

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Larissa said...

So good. Love your sunglasses and shorts, you've got a great look <3