Favorite things for Summer

These are the first of what I assume to be many of my favorite things for summer. If I was technologically savvy, I'd use photoshop to add numbers to each item to make it a little bit easier, but I'll just name each thing.
1. Studded Handle Clutch from Forever 21
2. Bead Bracelets by Scott Osterbind
3. Finally got an iPhone with along with mint colored cover
4. Mint Mac case
5. Fill it with Diamonds Black Cat Coin Purse (made by my friend Whitney Rainey)
5. Floral Print shorts from H&M
6. Neon Chiffon Button Down from American Apparel
7. Round Vintage Sunglasses
8. Collar Necklace from Forever 21.

I'll be doing one of these every month for the rest of summer!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad I just discovered your blog! Your style is the epitome of perfection :) I look forward to seeing your future posts- have a lovely day xxx

Jaztien said...

Cool!! Your choices are very good.. :D


- Justin -
The World According To Me

fran said...

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