Le Sportif

Cardigan, Trousers, Hat: Thrifted; T-shirt: American Apparel, Shoes: Converse

My personal style is always evolving and I really enjoy trying out new and different looks. These days, I'm really into more casual and sporty looks. I've taken a nod to pieces that are a little bit more athletic than what I normally go for, and I'm having fun mixing them up with items in my wardrobe that  contrast them. Trying new things when it comes to fashion has always been one of my favorite parts about discovering my personal style. I believe people should never be tied down or committed to just one certain look, because after awhile, you just become boring and expected. Fashion is fun, so try something different the next time you go shopping!


Larissa said...

I'm dying over this look. So happy to see you blogging again!!

- Larissa xo

moiminnie said...

You've got some serious style going on! Love this look x