Part-Ay, Part-Tee

(Shirt: Thrifted, Broach: RMG Collection, Pants and Bag: American Apparel, Shoes: Thrifted)

Got a few photos before I went to a holiday party last night. I got to see a lot of people who I haven't had the chance to see in awhile, and catch up some really nice people. I work so much now that I rarely get to go out and be social anymore, and when I do, I really take advantage of it. Everyone looked so good last night, and it was nice to see everyone out of their normal street clothes.

I love to dress up for parties, events, whatever, but I never like "dressing up". I always have to put a spin on my outfit, and you will never find me wearing a suit, tie, and dress shoes out and about. I like to be formal, but informal at the same time (but don't think I don't know how to class it up if I have to!).

..and no. Joseph Gordon Levitt was not there.

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