(Shirt, Coat, and Shoes: Thrifted, Bag and Pants: American Apparel)

I decided to go up to New York for my birthday this past weekend because it really is one of my favorite places on Earth. There's so much life there, and always something to do, no matter what time of day. I love how cosmopolitan Manhattan is, but Brooklyn (Williamsburg in particular), is way more calm, and a great place to escape all the hustle and bustle of what is New York City. 

Williamsburg reminds me of Richmond so much: A laid back, cool atmosphere, and there's a ton of great little shops and restaurants that I always make a priority to visit every time I'm in New York. Jc and I snapped a few photos while walking through Williamsburg, and on the Brooklyn shore. It was such a nice day out, and as you can see in a few of the above photos, I had to take my coat off because of how unusually warm it was for a January day in NYC. There was an incredible view of the city, and a great time to wear this thrifted long shirt/coat/dress? thing I got a few weeks ago. I was kind of hesitant at first about it, but now it's easily one of my favorite pieces, and pairs well with almost everything in my closet. All in all, it was a great day of shopping, sight-seeing, eating, and enjoying being away from work and home for some time.

What you didn't see is me chasing about 30 geese around near the shore (this is a result of the last photo). I deleted all of those pictures because I looked like another crazy New York City homeless person.

Part 2 of NYC BDAY coming up...

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