The night before my birthday, we met up with 3 of my favorite ladies Leslie, Sam, and Hannah to hit the town and see what we could get ourselves into. First, we went to FIT for the Fashion A-Z and Daphne Guinness exhibits. I really wish we could've taken pictures inside of the museum because everything there was so MAJOR. It was really inspiring to see all of the great pieces on display, and look into the life of the amazing couture collector Daphne Guinness.  Next, we went to Brooklyn Industries for a free event with free beer and wine, and a live performance from a few local artists (I forget their names). Let's just say that it was an experience. 

After Brooklyn Industries, me and the gang ventured to a bar in the east village by the name of Heather's. Heather's also had an open bar with free vodka sponsored by Reyka Vodka. It was a fun time, the music was on point, and luckily we managed to get the only table at this crowded bar. I went a little overboard with the free drinks, and had and interesting train ride back to the Upper West Side (I'll spare you all the details).

For my actual birthday, I did my best to recover from the night before, and we did a little shopping in SOHO, and I finally got a chance to eat at the famous Lombardy's Pizza. Their pizza was probably hands down the best pizza I've eaten in my entire life. I suggest you visit this place the next time you're in the city.

All-in-all, it was a nice birthday with friends, drinks, food, and an opportunity to get away from lazy Richmond. I was dreading turning 24, but with such a great birthday behind me (and a fabulous Beyonce/Blue Ivy birthday party in the works for this weekend), I now know that 24 really won't be that bad.

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