(Shirt: Vintage Guess, Pants and Socks: American Apparel, Shoes: TUK, Jacket: Thrifted (was Jc's))

Another nice spring-like winter day in RVA. Ran a few errands today on my day off, and I thought it would be nice to showcase this awesome vintage Guess shirt that I picked up last week while thrifting. The pattern is so great, and so Guess. The only critique I have for this shirt is that I wish it were silk, and not a very stiff cotton. But it's still fresh, nonetheless. 


Sabrina said...

Great shoe and socks combo and that shirt is absolutely awesome!
xoxo Sabrina

Teviswain said...

Just like the comment above! Love the color on those socks!

Dom said...

This is a really cool, vintage outfit. I'm in love with your creepers though! They look amazing on you. :}

Lateefah said...

love ur creepers and the shirt
you have a great style xx

Street Sophisticato said...

thanks everyone!