Lost Photos: VA Beach Spring 2011

(Tank, Backpack, and Sunglasses: American Apparel, Trunks: found them, Loafers: Bass, Cardigan: Lacoste)

Jc and I went to VA Beach sometime last year, and these pictures never made it into the world wide web. Now is their debut. I remember we went on this trip on a whim, and it was great to get away for an afternoon. I personally hate the beach. But I ended up having an okay time relaxing and soaking up some sun (which is probably the last thing I need). Overall, it was a fun day, but getting back was no fun at all. No lie, it took nearly 3 hours to get back to Richmond because of traffic. No thanks.


Sabrina said...

What a nice beach!
xoxo Sabrina

Anonymous said...

I love the top! Anyway, I awarded you two blog awards. lol. You can see it in my blog.

Xo M

Street Sophisticato said...

Oh wow, thank you!! I really appreciate it. <3