White On White

(Tee and Socks: American Apparel; Cardigan: Thrifted; Jeans: Topshop; Leather Cap: Bodega)

More string of nice days lately, and any excuse to dress like it's Spring is always perfect. I've worn these jeans so much since getting them last August, that I'm surprised they haven't fallen apart. They're definitely not that easy to wear, but they are fun to style outfits around. They have the perfect taste of 90s without overdoing it, and styled right, they can either be the star of your outfit or just a supporting role. 
I also love my leather ball cap. I've tried so long to not pick up this trend, but when I saw this beautiful, 100% leather cap with the best shape ever (and it's made in the US), I had to get it...and for only $15. Don't know how long I can wear it before it get's too hot outside, but I'll definitely rock it until then. 

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Dom said...

What a fun outfit! And perfect for spring! Your jeans are pretty interesting but I'm liking them the more I look at them.